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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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well under way, and with thousands of shoppers flocking to downtown san francisco to take advantage of the deals, many of them turned to bart for transportation. ktvu's patty lee joins us live from the west oakland bart station, where the transit agency is trying to protect shoppers returning with their goods. patty? >> reporter: that's right. this is one of the busiest stations in the east bay and it is the transfer point to get to san francisco shopping. that's why you can see so many bart officers here on hand to help shoppers with all of their bags come through with their black friday loot. now, there weren't any problems during the day but after dark is when the problems start. as you can see, it's walking from the station into the parking lot that can turn distracted shoppers into targets. michelle walker and her daughter met at the west oakland station to make sure they had someone to walk with and watch their backs as they return to their cars. >> you can get mugged or robbed
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really fast and they will be gone, because it's dark. >> it will be dark. >> reporter: within half an hour, it did get dark. the west oakland bart station is the only east bay station offering safety escorts this year. two bart police officers and six community service agents are on hand to walk people to their cars from 5:00 to 8:00. the safety escorts are part of  a community outreach effort that started three years ago. over the years, different east bay part stations have offered the same service. >> lot of times, when these people are coming off the trains, with lots of bags, trying to get keys out to go to the cars, they are not as aware as they normally are. we are here to remind them of the important facts. >> reporter: this is the only day bart police are offering safety escorts for the month of november. but on december 20th, which is another major shopping day, there will be similar escorts at at least three east bay bart stations, including bay fair, fruitvale and west oakland. reporting live in oakland,
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patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. police are issuing a warning for holiday shoppers tonight about the rising number of cell phone thefts in san francisco. police say criminals grabbing smartphones have driven theft and robbery rate in the city to a five-year high. officers went to union square this afternoon, handing out flyers to remind shoppers about just how easy it is to become a victim. but we noticed a lot of people aren't heeding the warning to keep their cell phones out of sight in public. >> trying to keep a good grip and, you know, be aware. >> do you keep track of who is around you or where you're walking when you're using your phone? >> not really, no! i probably should, though! >> san francisco police say more than half of the robberies in the city involve mobile devices. district attorney george gascon has been pushing for manufacturers to install kill switches that would written der
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stolen phones inoperable. what makes some people want to wait in line and fight the crowds to shop black friday when they could shop any other day? >> reporter: on your mark, get set, go! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: black friday has turned shopping into a contact sport. >> i think there's an element of competitive sport shopping that's really attractive to people. >> reporter: kit yarrow is a consumer psychologist. she says black friday shopping is like a football game. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: it releases testosterone and gets our competitive juices flowing. >> it's even more important than scoring the deal, which is important, is actually winning, beating one to get that amazing deal. >> reporter: but those door- busting deals can also trigger something called autonomic nervous system arousal. that's the fight or flight reaction you get if you encountered a growling bear, causing someone to react and run. fortunately, most black friday
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shoppers aren't running over people for deals. >> did you have to fight anybody for that? >> no! [ laughter ] >> today we're looking for a good deal, like 50% off, 80% off. >> reporter: but to get those deals, many had to wait in line, both in traffic and then again outside the stores, and believe it or not, that's not such a bad thing. there's also camaraderie that happens when people are waiting in line. there's a way that people know each other and are connected with each other that, you know, makes people part of a community. >> reporter: a community practicing good will and patience. >> is it worth it? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> reporter: in livermore, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. an event throughout oakland aims to get shoppers to opt for plaid friday instead of black friday. 45 businesses around the city are taking part in plaid friday. the event encourages people to skip the big-box stores and chain retailers and shop at local, independent stores. >> we hope that people will come. oakland's economy has really benefited by increased retail
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and sales. >> plaid friday started in oact several years ago and has grown into a yearly tradition for many holiday shoppers. happening now, thousands are gathered in san francisco's union square for a holiday tradition. ktvu's david stevenson talked to several families in attendance and joins us live at the christmas tree lighting ceremony as it gets under way right now. david? >> reporter: it's a relatively warm evening here in san francisco. you can see it's brought out thousands of people here for this. take a look. there it is. it stands 83 feet high. it's loaded with 1100 ornaments. and tonight, thousands of people are waiting for it to light up union square, signaling for many the start of the holiday season in san francisco. last year, an estimated 30,000 people turned out for the lighting. for many, it's a holiday tradition that brings them to the square from out of town. >> every year when we come here, it's like our tradition. >> been living here in the city since i was 16 years old and we
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moved to silicon valley and we come here every year. >> reporter: the tree features more than 33,000 led lights, bright enough to be visible during the day, which is good because this tree will remain lit 24/7. macy's is encouraging people here to make donations to the make a wish foundation. coming back out here live, the lighting is set for 6:40 p.m. lot of people are singing christmas barrels and the band is playing as well. we'll be here covering it and if you're not able to make it here in time, don't worry. tune into the bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 for a spectacular light show. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news, live from the square. . we have new details tonight about what led up to a deadly police shooting in the south bay that began with a multiple stabbing at a san jose apartment complex. three stabbing victims left a trail of blood yesterday, as they escaped out of a second
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story window, making their way to the ground. a neighbor who did not want to be identified said they came to him for help. >> they climbed out and they came knocking on my door. they said, please, call the police. call the ambulance. please, we're really scared. we're bleeding a lot. >> the attacker then car jack add van and led police on a sha's that ended on kirk glenn drive. investigators say when the man tried to ram a police officer, that officer shot him. today, police identified the officer as 37-year-old kevin peters, a 12-year veteran. the attacker's identity has not been released. the stabbing victims remain in the hospital tonight and are expected to survive. it's an opportunity to spend the holidays at home instead of in jail. operation second chance starts tomorrow in santa clara county. it offers a deal to people with arrest warrants for minor offenses. if they turn themselves in, they will get a new court date and be released. south bay law enforcement
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agencies, including the city of san jose are taking part. the second chance program runs through the end of the year. the highway patrol is investigating two crashes that claimed the lives of two pedestrians on interstate 80 on opposite sides of the bay. the chp says a woman was trying to cross the highway at about 5:30 this morning near 7th street in san francisco when she was hit by a truck in the eastbound lanes. the unidentified woman was taken to san francisco general, where she was pronounced dead a short time later. just after midnight, a man was struck on westbound i-80 in richmond. the chp says the man hit the center divide in his buick and apparently was trying to walk across the highway when a car struck him near celano avenue. the man has been identified as 32-year-old nathanael robinson senior of richmond. for the 11th year, ktvu is helping to warm the community, one coat as a time.
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>> one warm coat campaign at broadway plaza. >> reporter: the valley is really coming through. we have a huge pile of coats, 2034 coats donate sod far, and we've got a bunch of girl scouts ready to say something! girl scouts, go! >> thank you! >> reporter: they are wearing some of the fantastic items donated so far. right here is another good example. this right here, this is april. she's wearing what apparently is a $4000 fur-lined coat. not terribly pc in some people's eyes. how does it feel? >> really soft. >> reporter: of course it does. steve, you're one of the organizers. how important is it to donate this or anything? >> whether you have a coat that's like $4000 or you have a maybe $40, when you're out on the street, they both keep you warm. >> reporter: that's what it's about. we know it gets so cold out here on the streets. that's what it's all about, trying to keep people warm. make sure you dig through your closets. bring it on down and donate at
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walnut creek or san jose, with maureen. >> reporter: wille be here another hour, if you want to donate, santa in a row under the big christmas tree. we have a little ways to go if we want to compete with walnut creek. organizers say they need coats for the little ones as well, babies, toddlers, children. we have our girl scott models holding them up, all the way to adults. we've seen leather coats, fur coats, raincoats, right in the heart of santana row. the key, we've even had actually brand-new coats with tags donated today. the generosity has been really impressive on this day after thanksgiving. we had even some who brought multiple coats who said they felt it was important.
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we'll be here for the next hour. we hope you come by. we will be collecting coats through the rest of december, through the end of the year. you can do it at concierge. you can go to our website to find out more. look at the smiling faces! these girls from girl scouts of san jose. we've had girl scouts helping us all day. live with with one warm coat, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2news. a wheelchair-bound man with cerebral palsy talks about his amazing achievement of climbing el capitan, 2 inches at a time. >> and park for free when you fly out of san francisco international airport. the new service that rolled out at the bay area's busiest airport. >> and in weather, patchy fog redeveloping right now. coming up, where the fog will be tomorrow morning, the warmest day of the weekend and the timing of a major cooling trend.
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. an east bay native accomplished something that very few people have done. but what's almost unbelievable is how he was able to climb yosemite's el capitan. as ktvu's john sasaki reports he's been in a wheelchair his entire life. >> reporter: steve wom pler seems like a guy who might need a lot of help. >> 99% of society thinks that i need help and i beg to differ. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in fact, it's easy to see the wheelchair-bound lafayette native has always done what he set his mind to. he graduated from uc davis, married with two great kids and started his own foundation. >> i just don't ever let anything stop me from doing anything. >> reporter: in 2008, steve set his mind to something that
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seems absurd. he decided to climb the 2200- foot route up el capitan in yosemite. >> almost unachievable wall to surmount. >> reporter: and made a movie about it. he was never a climber. he has a fear of heights. and yes, he has cerebral palsy. >> insane. >> reporter: a good able-bodied climber can do the climb in two days. >> how far did you get the first day? >> 400 feet. >> reporter: using a pully system he created, steve says he pulled himself up about 2 inches at a time and he camped on the rock face five straight nights. on day four, the challenges multiplied. >> i passed out. i was hallucinating. i was dehydrated. i went into hypothermic shock. >> reporter: yet steve knew he had to finish, because he had made a promise.
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>> kids that i had told that i was doing this for and i couldn't quit. >> reporter: his foundation takes disabled kids into the wilderness to show them what's possible in their lives. on day 6, steve made it to the top. >> when he got to the top and i realized he was safe, i fainted. >> reporter: steve's wife elizabeth directed the movie. the climb and the movie are meant to raise money and awareness for the wompler foundation. but i asked steve how the kids he promised reacted to his reaching the top? steve couldn't answer. but his wife said the kids now see steve as a champion. >> these kids can put a face to their own optimism, to their own hope, and their own self expectation. that's what he did in climbing the mountain. ♪ >> reporter: wompler's ascent has won 46 awards at film festivals. steve says his feat shows no matter your circumstances, you can do much more than you ever
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imagined. in danville, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. >> steve, are you incredible! that was an amazing story. love that one. ktvu's annual one warm coat is now in full swing. let's check in with ktvu's alex savidge, standing by on bay street in emeryville. alex? >> reporter: hi, julie. i want to show this first of all. this is a donated coat we received a short time ago, direct from the dry cleaners. we want to thank this person for their generosity. we're here at bay street in emeryville. behind me we have the girl scouts from oakland and fremont, working hard. actually, what they have just started is take these big bags full of all the donated coats we received today and they are walking them over to a truck parked nearby. the truck is going to take them directly to an organization in the east bay that helps people who live on the streets. so these coats will be going to those folks in need. i want to bring in one of the girl scouts, 11-year-old mackenzie. are you having fun? >> yeah, i'm having so much fun. >> reporter: you are? and you decided to donate this
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coat today. why? >> yeah, i decide dodd donate my coat because i wanted kids who don't have coats to have coats for the winter. >> reporter: very sweet of you. you're encouraging others to come down. we have more than 800 coats that have been dropped off at the emeryville location. we've set a record today for one warm coat. more than 5000 coats turned in at our four drop-off sites around the bay area. we really appreciate that. these bins, one warm coat bins, they will be here throughout december. reporting live tonight, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. back to you, julie. >> alex, great numbers. for more information on one warm coat and a list of the drop-off locations, go to our website, a new ride sharing company is now the first to legally operate at san francisco international airport. relay rides allows bay area travelers to park for free at hotels near sfo and then rent out their cars to visitors
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while the car owners are away. it is the first peer-to-peer car sharing company to be granted permission to operate at sfo. relay rides has agreed to pay sfo 10% of its profits. . well, another very warm day across the entire bay area today. lots of 60s, a few low 70s. changes over the past few hours. as i point to it here, fog regrouping near parts of the coastline, especially from the golden gate to the south. the fog will be a factor in our forecast for tonight, immediate coastline and possibly patches into the bay. current temperatures updated for the 6:00 hour, san francisco at 55 degrees. fairfield, 52. san jose at last check reporting mostly clear skies and current temperature in the upper 50s. for tonight, we'll go with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, for the weekend basically, patchy morning fog, hazy sunshine. here is our camera looking out towards san francisco and the time line for tomorrow. 7:00, upper 40s, on track to reach the mid-60s, with hazy sunshine. this is the next developing
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weather headline. very cold forecast developing for next week. overnight lows will be in the upper 30s. i painted some fog toward the delta and also near the immediate shoreline first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco forecast low of 46. san jose, in the 40s. high pressure in command of our weather at least for the next two days. as a result, a dry weekend, hazy sunshine. we begin to cool things off on monday, but that will open the door for much cooler air pushing into the region for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. in fact, by wednesday, the warmest locations barely making it up into the lower 50s. and there's a little bit of moisture with this. we do bring in a slight chance of a few showers. it will be cold enough that we could have snow up above 2500 feet if we do pick up shower activity at all. as we mentioned this weekend will be dry, a few high clouds painting us a visit tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours, should have fair skies and hazy sunshine. forecast highs for saturday, santa rosa, 69. san francisco, mid-60s.
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heyward, 66. more neighborhoods, more 60s. the warmest locations once again approaching lower 70s out toward morgan hill and gilroy. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. for the weekend, for saturday, hazy sunshine out there. temperatures in the 30s to 40s. weekend headlines, dry weather pattern and sunday will be the warmest day. but look what happens next week, for monday, tuesday and wednesday. chance of a few showers. at least a slight chance by tuesday. significant drop-off in temperatures. could be interesting by wednesday if we get a few showers, maybe a little bit of a dusting of snow in the bay area hills. >> big changes. >> we'll be watching out for that. >> mark, thank you. coming up in sports, which hockey team is responsible for this scene. a frozen hat on the ice.
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. well, the sharks are on a streak on the ice? >> they are getting healthy. they are on a role, currently in a tie in the pacific division with anaheim. today, against st. louis, brent burns scored one goal for each missing front tooth. still got his young fans! today, visiting blues, burns
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scores just 35 seconds into the game. sharks rack up four goals in 10 shots in the first period. even broke their power play scoring drought, as captain joe thornton beats the blues goalie elliott. san jose uses the speed and puck handling. thornton centers it for the trailing brent burns. burns, on his way to a career game. sharks led 4-3 in the third, minus the burns with his third goal, yes. his first nhl hat trick, also added an assist. burns and the sharks win for the seventh time in eight games and they host anaheim tomorrow night. san jose state needed a victory for any chance of a bowl bid. 16th ranked fresno state wanted to reach 11-0 for the first time in school history and it turned out to be a shootout. spartans had not beaten a ranked team since 2000, but today, a career high 546 yards
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and six touchdowns. he also ran for a touchdown and his mother was calling everybody! my son threw six touchdown passes! carter, jones for the 32- yarder. fresno state led 27-21 after just one quarter. spartans kept faith. jones scores three times. it was the biggest run for san jose state's first-year coach. 62-52, san jose state. vogelsong agreed to a one- year deal with the giants. he missed three months to repair a broken finger on pitching hand and finished 4-6 with a 5.73 e.r.a. warriors in oklahoma city, trailing the thunder at half time. highlights at 10:00. >> san jose state game was awesome! >> it was like video game! >> i know, high scoring! >> i don't want to talk about the defense, but it was fun to
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watch. >> it was. fred, thanks so much. well, a north bay police officer who is known for his dui enforcement efforts marks his 100th arrest just this year. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we'll talk with that officer as he heads out looking for drunk drivers this holiday weekend. and we are always here for you at, facebook and twitter. we'll see you at 10:00. thank you for joining us. >> good night.
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